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How To Possible

Saturday, 9 February 2013

How to feel cosmic energy

Dear friends

Do you have listen about cosmic energy. As I am concern, I am aware of that energy at some extent. Few person call it spiritual power.
Reiki Masters use this cosmic energy to heel patients. Vastu specialist uses this energy to convert negative power to positive power and create happiness & peace. At Kundalini awakening that power called serpentine power, and that energy convert a common person to a super human.
As I know the extreme target of every religion is to achieve this power. There may be the difference of pronoun for defining that energy or power. Every spiritual person ultimately feels that energy in their body.

But for feeling that energy a person must be virtuous & pious. And only that condition is the main cause of dispute, whether that is a energy or a spiritual feeling only.
If there is any kind of energy, that should be fallowed by rules of Science. If it depend upon the virtuousness & piousness of a particular person, who will believe this.
Because the people who cannot feel it, they become against of the concept of cosmic energy, and they must be. The people who have been feeling that energy, are very few in comparison to those who have not. So the believers lag than unbelievers at this dispute.
So how to prove that there is a micro energy in cosmos which has unlimited power and doing their work very silently.
Science yet not reached up to that extent, so that, this energy could be defined by today’s apparatus. It may happen within few decades; science could reach up to that level and find out few unknown chapters of cosmic energy.
                                  Here I am trying to do a little effort so that you may feel that energy, and there are no conditions to be virtuous & pious. You may try it at your home.
As we all know about pyramids. These pyramids attract some part of cosmic energy. Although that part of energy, is very very low and week as compare to holistic cosmic energy. And also useless for any high level spiritual aim. But that part of energy can be feel by anyone.
If you want to feel that energy you have to do an experiment like a scientist. You have to make a pyramid by cardboard as per the given figure.

As per below figure draw sketch on hard cardboard. Dimension should be as follows-

1.) Base should be square; length of each side is supposing X.

2.) Then sides of adjoining triangle should be 0.951 multiplied by X.

3.) Where vertical height of the pyramid, will be, X divided by p /2. [pi or 3.14/2]

That step 3 will happen automatically if you make first two steps properly.
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