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How To Possible

Thursday, 3 January 2013

God Theorem

Some time we think how the God is. What is the shape and size of God? Some of we people talk about God eye, which is a cosmic scene nothing else                                                                                                                                                                    
In religious books of India there are many mantras about God. But I found one mantra which is very amazing. That mantra is about how the God is. The mantra is

                 “Om purnamadah purnamidam purnat purnamudacyate
                   purnasya purnamadaya purnamevavasisyate”

It means, “You are complete and whole (absolute fullness), if we deduct from whole to whole it will remain whole; & that is you”.

So there start my surprise if we deduct from one to one. It becomes zero. If we deduct from million to million then it becomes zero.

Only one condition complies this rule if we deduct zero from zero it becomes zero.

So it means God is zero!! You may laugh, but by the meaning of mantra it is very clear that God is zero. It doesn’t mean that God is nothing.

Let us understand what I mean. If we write in numeric zero. You can not find any starting and end point after writing 0. It means God has no starting point and no ending point. He is beyond start and beyond end. Only he is complete with absolute fullness.

Now let us go through details if a person is x then what

                                                            X  +  0  =  X
                                                            X  –  0  =  X

Means if you feel that God is in your favor (show sign +) or God is not in your favor (show sign -). Both the things are wrong, because if God is zero and you are x then if God is in favor means +0 and if he is not in favor means -0. In both conditions, your condition remain unchanged that is X.

So don’t bother about God he is impartial.

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