How To Possible

How To Possible

Friday, 28 December 2012

How to possible Age-Reversal

Have you ever think “how to stop Ageing” or “Is Age-Reversal Possible”, or “how to remain young” or “how to look young”.
I think everyone wants to grow but nobody wants to get old. Is there any solution for reversing the age? Yes my dear…..!
There is an amazing solution and you may try it without any side effect. ! !
In Indian ancient books there are reference of “KAYAKALP” means you can rejuvenate yourself by herbal therapy. Here is one of the best of them for you….

Take dry “Badi harad” (Black Myrobalan or Terminilia Chebula) “Baheda” (Belleric Myrobalan or Terminalia Belerica) and “Amla” (Emblic Myrobalan or Emblica officinalis ). Bring off seeds of “Amla” and “Baheda”   these are useless. Now crush ground and make powder of each of them separately. Now mix these powders in ratio of 1:2:4 , means if you have taken 10 gms HARAD then take 20 gms BAHEDA and 40 gms AMLA. That mixture is called TRIFALA Powder. Put this powder in air tight glassware. If you want to purchase readymade trifala powder, remember, it should not be old. Carefully read the date of manufacturing, if it is older than six month then it is useless. Now your medicine is ready to use.

But you have to understand the process of taking this medicine properly that is very important. The quantity of medicine to be taken by you, should be according to your age. You have to multiply your age with 120 mg, and resultant mg is the quantity for you. Suppose your age is 33 years then you have to take 33 x 120mg = 3980 mg means 4grams daily only one time After morning brush the first thing you have to eat this powder. You have to take this powder with fresh water. After taking this powder don’t eat or drink anything (except water) for an hour. That is most important part of this therapy.
Here one thing to be remember that after starting to taking that Trifla Powder some people may get loose motions, two or three times in a day for few days. But there is no need to worry. Take some salt and sugar solution with water for your energy balance. These loose motions are indication of inner cleaning of your stomach. After few days loose motions become stop without any medicine. (Please don’t take any medicine for preventing loose motions; you may stop taking Trifla Powder in case of severe loose motions.)
That is the very amazing herb innovation of ancient Indian, you can not count how many disease it can prevent. Its minimum course is one year regularly. If you can take it up to twelve years, you may able to reversal of age. Any dieses can not touch that fellow who is taking that medicine from two years.

Important Precaution  
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