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How To Possible

Saturday, 9 February 2013

How to feel cosmic energy

Dear friends

Do you have listen about cosmic energy. As I am concern, I am aware of that energy at some extent. Few person call it spiritual power.
Reiki Masters use this cosmic energy to heel patients. Vastu specialist uses this energy to convert negative power to positive power and create happiness & peace. At Kundalini awakening that power called serpentine power, and that energy convert a common person to a super human.
As I know the extreme target of every religion is to achieve this power. There may be the difference of pronoun for defining that energy or power. Every spiritual person ultimately feels that energy in their body.

But for feeling that energy a person must be virtuous & pious. And only that condition is the main cause of dispute, whether that is a energy or a spiritual feeling only.
If there is any kind of energy, that should be fallowed by rules of Science. If it depend upon the virtuousness & piousness of a particular person, who will believe this.
Because the people who cannot feel it, they become against of the concept of cosmic energy, and they must be. The people who have been feeling that energy, are very few in comparison to those who have not. So the believers lag than unbelievers at this dispute.
So how to prove that there is a micro energy in cosmos which has unlimited power and doing their work very silently.
Science yet not reached up to that extent, so that, this energy could be defined by today’s apparatus. It may happen within few decades; science could reach up to that level and find out few unknown chapters of cosmic energy.
                                  Here I am trying to do a little effort so that you may feel that energy, and there are no conditions to be virtuous & pious. You may try it at your home.
As we all know about pyramids. These pyramids attract some part of cosmic energy. Although that part of energy, is very very low and week as compare to holistic cosmic energy. And also useless for any high level spiritual aim. But that part of energy can be feel by anyone.
If you want to feel that energy you have to do an experiment like a scientist. You have to make a pyramid by cardboard as per the given figure.

As per below figure draw sketch on hard cardboard. Dimension should be as follows-

1.) Base should be square; length of each side is supposing X.

2.) Then sides of adjoining triangle should be 0.951 multiplied by X.

3.) Where vertical height of the pyramid, will be, X divided by p /2. [pi or 3.14/2]

That step 3 will happen automatically if you make first two steps properly.
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Thursday, 3 January 2013

God Theorem

Some time we think how the God is. What is the shape and size of God? Some of we people talk about God eye, which is a cosmic scene nothing else                                                                                                                                                                    
In religious books of India there are many mantras about God. But I found one mantra which is very amazing. That mantra is about how the God is. The mantra is

                 “Om purnamadah purnamidam purnat purnamudacyate
                   purnasya purnamadaya purnamevavasisyate”

It means, “You are complete and whole (absolute fullness), if we deduct from whole to whole it will remain whole; & that is you”.

So there start my surprise if we deduct from one to one. It becomes zero. If we deduct from million to million then it becomes zero.

Only one condition complies this rule if we deduct zero from zero it becomes zero.

So it means God is zero!! You may laugh, but by the meaning of mantra it is very clear that God is zero. It doesn’t mean that God is nothing.

Let us understand what I mean. If we write in numeric zero. You can not find any starting and end point after writing 0. It means God has no starting point and no ending point. He is beyond start and beyond end. Only he is complete with absolute fullness.

Now let us go through details if a person is x then what

                                                            X  +  0  =  X
                                                            X  –  0  =  X

Means if you feel that God is in your favor (show sign +) or God is not in your favor (show sign -). Both the things are wrong, because if God is zero and you are x then if God is in favor means +0 and if he is not in favor means -0. In both conditions, your condition remain unchanged that is X.

So don’t bother about God he is impartial.

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Saturday, 29 December 2012

What is kaizen

KAIZEN is based on the simple principle that, that whatever the field in our lives, be it social life, working life, domestic life or even leisure life, we need continuous improvement in order to progress and advance as opposed to status quo and stagnancy. For such an effort we must have participation and involvement of one and all whether it is society or an enterprise.
The Japanese economic miracle is attributable to this unique approach in all walks of their lives and we could see the demonstrative evidence of this continuous improvement in all their product and services.
In industries, they felt that, to stay in business and compete, there should be an Unending improvement and progress to provide the leverage against other competitors.
KAIZEN or continuous improvement-what are its connotation (KAI-change; ZEN-better) (for the better)
The interpretation of the meaning of improvement goes for beyond the western perceptions about it. For the western management improvement simply implies only improvement in equipments, processes and maintenance. The Japanese perception of improvement starts with the improvement of the human element. Thus, KAIZEN covers every aspect of human activities.
Is not KAIZEN an off-shoot of other improvement concepts tools and techniques already developed and adopted by the Japanese right from the early fifties, say like TQC/CWQC?
Yes, Masaaki Imai himself says in his book that “such terms as QC (quality control) SQC (statistical quality control) or CWQC (company with wide quality control) often appear in connection with KAIZEN”. Again Imai says that any serious discussion on quality would boil down to its definitions, method of measurement and relating to the benefits there from. However the basic thinking in the entire concept, he maintains, is improvement or kaizen and it is without any complications in definition. KAIZEN is to first develop a mind-set for continuous improvement.
The various chronological developments that preceded the birth of the idea of KAIZEN
  1. 1950s-dr.W.E.deming’s visit to Japan and his and his teaching on statistical methods.
  2. 1954-Dr.j.m.juran’s visit to Japan and his teachings on quality management and particularly the following three tenets.
  1. Upper management leadership for quality.
  2. Massive education on quality related subjects  (top-bottom)
  3. Annual quality improvement plans and annual cost reduction plans and their implementation.
  1. 1956-Japan’s short wave broadcasts Quality control education.
  1. 1960-declaration November of every year as National quality month and formal adoption of Q-marks and Q-flags.
  1. 1962-issue of “Gemba to QC”,a JUSE Journal edited by Dr.k.Ishikawa, to educate foreman and through them workers on Quality Control Methods.
  1. 1962- as a sequel to “Gemba to QC”,birth of QC circles as a small group activity.
  1. 1962- Dr.k.Ishikawa’s emphasis that QC Circles should be only a part of TQC or CWQC for it to endure
KAIZEN and suggestion scheme
According to Masaaki Imai, “Japanese management makes a concerted effort to involve employees in Kaizen through suggestions. Thus, suggestion system is an integral part of the established management system”
Imai also states that the quality control system and suggestion system work in a concerted way where the companies are achieve in KAIZEN.
Apparently, KAIZEN also seems to be a form of suggestion system. “The suggestion system is an integral part of individual oriented KAIZEN”says Imai.from this statement of Imai it is clear that KAIZEN and individual suggestion system are inter-related, maybe with some variations in practice. Whenever a suggestion is made by an employee and is implemented, then standards are established and he takes pride in because it is based on his suggestions.
In Toyota Motor Company, it is said that employees provide 1.5 million suggestions a year, 95%of which are implemented. Read other Quality concept Blogs on

Friday, 28 December 2012

How to possible Age-Reversal

Have you ever think “how to stop Ageing” or “Is Age-Reversal Possible”, or “how to remain young” or “how to look young”.
I think everyone wants to grow but nobody wants to get old. Is there any solution for reversing the age? Yes my dear…..!
There is an amazing solution and you may try it without any side effect. ! !
In Indian ancient books there are reference of “KAYAKALP” means you can rejuvenate yourself by herbal therapy. Here is one of the best of them for you….

Take dry “Badi harad” (Black Myrobalan or Terminilia Chebula) “Baheda” (Belleric Myrobalan or Terminalia Belerica) and “Amla” (Emblic Myrobalan or Emblica officinalis ). Bring off seeds of “Amla” and “Baheda”   these are useless. Now crush ground and make powder of each of them separately. Now mix these powders in ratio of 1:2:4 , means if you have taken 10 gms HARAD then take 20 gms BAHEDA and 40 gms AMLA. That mixture is called TRIFALA Powder. Put this powder in air tight glassware. If you want to purchase readymade trifala powder, remember, it should not be old. Carefully read the date of manufacturing, if it is older than six month then it is useless. Now your medicine is ready to use.

But you have to understand the process of taking this medicine properly that is very important. The quantity of medicine to be taken by you, should be according to your age. You have to multiply your age with 120 mg, and resultant mg is the quantity for you. Suppose your age is 33 years then you have to take 33 x 120mg = 3980 mg means 4grams daily only one time After morning brush the first thing you have to eat this powder. You have to take this powder with fresh water. After taking this powder don’t eat or drink anything (except water) for an hour. That is most important part of this therapy.
Here one thing to be remember that after starting to taking that Trifla Powder some people may get loose motions, two or three times in a day for few days. But there is no need to worry. Take some salt and sugar solution with water for your energy balance. These loose motions are indication of inner cleaning of your stomach. After few days loose motions become stop without any medicine. (Please don’t take any medicine for preventing loose motions; you may stop taking Trifla Powder in case of severe loose motions.)
That is the very amazing herb innovation of ancient Indian, you can not count how many disease it can prevent. Its minimum course is one year regularly. If you can take it up to twelve years, you may able to reversal of age. Any dieses can not touch that fellow who is taking that medicine from two years.

Important Precaution  
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